Who will be voted the Gympie region's top coach?
Who will be voted the Gympie region's top coach? Rob Wright

VOTE NOW: Gympie's top coach is one of these 40 people

GYMPIE is blessed with a large pool of passionate people who dedicate their time to training our region's athletes.

The Gympie Times put the call out for the region's top coach and the response was overwhelming.

From junior sports to premier men's and women's coaches, these are your top 40 nominees.


To decide Gympie's top coach we need you to vote in the poll below.

The list of 40 is in no particular order:

Who is Gympie's top coach?

This poll ended on 23 August 2019.

Current Results

1. Troy Carlson, Gympie Devils Women


2. Shereene Moy, School Sports 10-12 years


3. Rex Carney, Terra Luta Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


4. Melissa Flood, Equestrian


5. Natalie Bates, Jones Hill State School touch football


6. Jeff Cranston, touch football


7. Trudy McKee, netball


8. Brett Cottrill, Gympie Tennis


9. Colleen Miller, Gympie Netball


10. Gavin Hourigan, Gympie United Football


11. Max Hall, Roller Hockey U15


12. Anthony "Chicko", Gympie Football


13. Ben Lawley, Gympie Roller Hockey Women’s


14. Ben Fitzpatrick, Gympie Hockey


15. Tam Allcorn-Kipping, Aerial Dreaming Entertainment


16. Matt Watkins, Gympie Tennis


17. Stacey Thompson, netball


18. Kerry Long, Netball NetSetGo


19. Kylie Wheeler, Gympie United Football


20. Liz Manthey, Gympie Goldfins


21. Tom Kross, Gympie Devils Girls U14


22. Laurence Epstein, Hammers Rugby Union


23. Glenys Chatman, Softball


24. Matthew Killian, Gympie Cats U8


25. Chris Gablonski, Gympie Knights Rugby League U11


26. Michael Buckley, Gympie Devils Men’s A-Grade


27. Adam Cross, Gympie United Football Women’s A-Grade


28. Kylie Wheeler, Gympie United Football Girls


29. Graham Grummitt, Gympie Cats U14


30. Ryan Osborn, Mary Valley Fawns


31. Sammie Sutton, Gympie United Football Girls U14


32. Elissa Lyon, Gymnastics


33. Mark Crumblin, Gympie Hammers Women’s


34. Glen Gamble, Gympie Hammers


35. Janessa Keogh, Gympie Diggers Football


36. Leeroy Todd, Gympie Basketball


37. Joel Michael Bond, Gympie Football


38. Danny Wilton, Gympie Touch


39. Sonia Cranston, Gympie Devils Rabbitohs U7


40. Natalie Upshall, Gympie Special Olympics


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

TOP 40: What you said about Gympie's short-listed coaches:

1. Troy Carlson

Troy Carlson - amazing first season for the Devils Women!!! - Desley Neal

2. Shereene Moy

Definitely Shereene Moy for her ability over a prolonged period to coach a broad range of sports and generously volunteering her time outside school hours for the benefit of thousands of athletes throughout Gympie, Wide Bay and QLD. This lady is an Inspiration.- Joe Laffey

3. Rex Carney

Rex Carney of Terra Luta Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been an amazing coach, helped me keep my head on straight and build confidence over the last 6 months. - Sky Hayes

4. Melissa Flood

Amy Corbet: Melissa Flood is an inspirational and amazing coach. She coaches many equestrians, young and not so young throughout the Gympie region. Many enjoying great success under her tutelage. She not only inspires them as a coach but she competes to a high level inspiring them to strive for greater and higher goals.

5. Natalie Bates

Natalie Bates is the best coach ever!!! Training and coaching not 1 but 2 touch football teams for Jones Hill SS. The time, knowledge and enthusiasm she passes onto the kids is fantastic. -Kirsty Delisser

6. Jeff Cranston

Jeff Cranston touch football. He has started coaching our victory College u 10s & 12s touch teams. So much passion & dedication to the kids. They even made the finals their 1st season last term. - Marni Robertson

7. Trudy McKee

Trudy McKee awesome amazing netball coach at our school. 5 years in a row our teams have had made finals. Her knowledge passion & dedication to the girls is inspirational. She genuinely cares about them all and always has time for them. Her knowledge she imparts on the other coaches is invaluable. -Marni Robertson

8. Brett Cottrill

Brett Cottrill 25 plus years coaching tennis in Gympie to hundreds of children and adults! That speaks for itself. You do an awesome job every day teaching them to be the best they can be. -Barry Fallon

9. Colleen Miller

Colleen Miller needs a medal for all she does for Gympie netball. She is very passionate about coaching young girls and passing on her knowledge. -Sally PakiPaki

10. Gavin Hourigan

Gavin Hourigan for the last four years he coached a bunch of kids and turn them into a well respected young adults going above and beyond for the new members and their parents of his team are welcomed into his team's of gympie junior gladiators. -Russell Pope

11. Max Hall

Max Hall, not only for coaching our under 15's roller hockey team but for being a huge support for all players, younger and older. -Lauren Lawley

12. Anthony "Chicko"

Diggers coach Anthony "chicko" - literally any coach who can be as patient as he is deserves a medal! I imagine it takes real skill to keep 4 year olds and 5 year olds engaged during training and on their Saturday games. -Kerrie McKewin

13. Ben Lawley

The Gympie women's roller hockey coach. He deserves a medal to coach our team of very diverse abilities, as well as encouraging us and challenging us to do our best. -Mim Bates

14. Ben Fitzpatrick

Ben Fitzpatrick Gympie hockey. Coaches women's Heat team.We are lucky to have a coach with such knowledge, skills and passion!! Also coaching us coaches to be better. -Hannah Collyer

15. Tam Allcorn-Kipping

Tam Allcorn-Kipping of Aerial Dreaming Entertainment. Tam is the most patient & encouraging coach & deserves to be recognised. -Kerri Malouf

16. Matt Watkins

Matt Watkins from Tennis Gympie is also an excellent tennis coach! Matt also coaches at most of the primary schools in Gympie as well as at Gympie Tennis on Cartwright Road. -Jackie Fallon

17. Stacey Thompson

Stacey Thompson for coaching our kids netball team because she is great with the kids and ensures they love playing the game and being involved in a team sport. -Julie Baker

18. Kerry Long

Kerry Long. Kerry was our NetSetGo coach this year at netball. They say never work with children or animals - Kerry didn't let that worry her. 30 + under 10's every week and then coaching an A grade junior team after that. We certainly appreciate all Kerry has done for Gympie & Districts Netball. -Colleen Miller

19. Liz Manthey

Liz Manthey best swim coach ever. -Samantha Searle

20. Tom Kross

Tom Kross he has done an amazing job with the devils u14 girls rugby league team. Semi finals here they come. -Carina Pyke

21. Laurence Epstein

Laurence Epstein Hammers Rugby Union. -Jess Dobson

22. Glenys Chatman

Glenys Chatman took us to qld masters softball came home undefeated and won gold. -Skye Frank

23. Matthew Killian

Matt Killian is our AMAZING Under 8s Coach at the Gympie Cats. We have not had an Under 8s team in the AFLQ Sunshine Coast Juniors for some years and he took the reigns with nine keen little footballers as they embarked on the 2019 Season. -Gympie Cats AFL

24. Chris Gablonski

Chris Gablonski u11 Gympie Junior Rugby league Knights Coach. He's a favourite. -Benjamin Dore

25. Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley for bringing rugby league back to Gympie.- Joe Curran

26. Adam Cross

#1 vote for Crossy. -Ness Weaver:

27. Kylie Wheeler

Kylie Wheeler! Coaching the girls soccer! -Andrea Gladstone

28. Graham Grummitt

Graham Grummitt from the Gympie Cats. He coaches a our U14 boys with compassion, strategy with a sneaky competitive edge. Grummy has been a coach at the Club for a few year now and has provided kids in Gympie with an opportunity to be involved in Club Sport. His willingness to be involved at the Club as a Coach and a valuable volunteer alongside his family, is a trait we are all incredibly grateful for. -Gympie Cats AFL

29. Ryan Osborn

Ryan is the epitome of the word "coach. He has limitless patience; cares about the kids; imparts his extensive knowledge to upcoming athletes in a way they can understand and clearly there to make sure the kids learn in a fun and supporting environment. Win or lose, the kids have fun, get fit and learn. They are lucky to have him. -Julie Rimmington

30. Sammie Sutton

The support, faith and commitment Sammie has had for every player has been undeniably above and beyond. Not only does Sammie perform all of the standard coaches duties, but to play taxi, mum and care giver as well has been well and truly appreciated by the girls and parents. Sammie's amazing influence has helped produce amazing results for the club also, as this is the first time the girls have played together as a team and from across various ause groups from 12 years to 14 years.... and being young ladies, keeping them confident and unified is sometimes a tough task. -Tanya Albion

31. Elissa Lyon

Elissa Lyon from gymnastics. -Liz Phillips

32. Mark Crumblin

Mark, has been passionate about inspiring children of all codes not just rugby to try there best.- Jason McPherson

33. Glen Gamble

Glens ability to coach to perform to your best level. Whilst remaining true to rugby culture of involving all players to grow in the game is a strong attribute to have on offer. -Jason McPherson

34. Janessa Keogh

Janessa has coached our under 11 side for 2years and we are yet to be defeated.

35. Leeroy Todd

Coach Leeroy from Gympie Basketball is kind, patient and adapts to everyone's needs. We vote for him! -Sarah Donoghue

36. Danny Wilton

Danny Wilton for all his hard work across every age group at Gympie Touch. -Mahri Dobson

37. Sonia Cranston

Sonia Cranston under 7s coach has done an amazing job with the kids. -Chris Walters

38. Matthew Smith

Brayden McGrath: Matthew Smith best coach ever!

39. Joel Michael Bond

40. Natalie Upshall

"Coaches special needs kids and adults special Olympics coach as well she's well deserving of this and is also my friend. - Jodie Leanne

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