Volleyball teams show dominance

TEAMS leading the Gympie Volleyball competition in all grades were in formidable form for Round 13 Tuesday night.

In C grade, Staminadors defeated No Idea 3-0 in a game that had No Idea clawing their way back in the third set to be defeated 24-25.

Serves U Right defeated Farside 3-0, who are developing new younger players. The serving and team play of Serves U Right won them the match.

The B grade games Tuesday night had sets being taken from most of the teams. Corvette Cruisers defeated Nuff said in a tightly fought game that went down to the wire in the third, 2-1.

Pythons defeated High Flyers in what looked a lot like a grudge match between old school mates, again 2-1.

Beez defeated The Edge in a game that saw huge leads by one team over the other in sets, ending 2-1 in favour of Beez.

SWAT Team took the three sets from What The! in the late match, showcasing great rallies and high sets from both teams kept the crowd involved.

No upsets in A grade Tuesday night. Woodies defeated Hookers 3-1 with a tightly fought first set. Tin Can Bay defeated Served With Ice taking the third set right to the final point, ending 3-1.

Just like A grade, no upsets were recorded in the women’s competition. Amigos defeated Dez Beez 3-0. Drop Bears defeated Blue J’s also 3-0 and Firebugs managed to take the second set off of KAOS, the game ending 2-1 in favour of KAOS.

Games for Round 14 will return to The Pavilion, however Round 15 will be again played at Gympie High on the Tuesday night.

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