Volleyball opening round sets scene

GYMPIE Volleyball got underway last week with opening round games of the first season of the year.

There was an excellent roll-up of teams, players and spectators on Thursday night.

New to this season is a weekly opportunity to take part in a ballot for the “game of the night”, where spectators vote for the team they believe will win the nominated game the following week.

If a player’s name is drawn from the winning team’s tickets at the end of the game and is present, they win game fees for the following week.

Game of the week for March 4 will be Woodies v Hookers at 8pm.

Last week’s match highlights included a repeat of last year’s A grade final between Tin Can Bay and Woodies, with the results going Tin Can Bay’s way.

B grade saw two clean sweeps from SWAT Team and Beez, demonstrating to other teams they have come to play.

C grade welcomes a new team, No Idea and also new players to existing teams.

In the women’s competition, the results saw Blue Js, KAOS and Firebirds all victorious on Tuesday night.

There are still some openings in the women’s competition, so players are needed to drop into the Gympie High Gym at 6pm on Tuesday night.

Results from Thursday, February 18 – Round 1 - Open Competition

A grade - Aces defeated Served With Ice 3:0 (25:15, 25:22, 25:22), TCB defeated Woodies 2:1 (25:23, 20:25, 27:25), Beez defeated Pythons 3:0 (25:18, 25:15, 25:14)

B grade - Nuff Said defeated High Flyers 2:1 (25:15, 25:21, 12:25), What The! defeated Corvette Cruisers 2:1 (18:25, 25:21, 25:10), SWAT Team defeated The Edge 3:0 (25:15, 25:19, 25:23)

C grade - No Idea defeated Farside 2:1 (25:23, 23:18, 18:25), Staminadors defeated CYA 2:1 (25:15, 22:25, 25:13)


Volleyball Draws

Draw for tonight, February 25 (Round 2, open games at The Pavilion)

6pm Pythons v SWAT Team (The Edge, CYA), Staminadors v Farside (Nuff Said, Serves U Right)

7pm The Edge v Nuff Said (Pythons, Staminadors), CYA v Serves U Right (SWAT Team, Farside)

8pm Served With Ice v Woodies (Aces, High Flyers), Beez v What The! (Hookers, Corvette Cruisers)

9pm Aces v Hookers (Served With Ice, Beez), High Flyers v Corvette Cruisers (Woodies, What The!)

Bye: Tin Can Bay, No Idea

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