A case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Gympie.
A case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Gympie.

Virus: Save us from the loud and confused

WE ARE told, “Don’t hoard” and “be prepared,” although how a family of four or six can be prepared for a two-week lockdown without stocking up is not clear.

The Prime Minister, now famous for mixed messages, suffers from them as well and is being told he is both overreacting and not doing enough.

Federal parliament has restricted public access, the Queensland parliament is closed, the University of the Sunshine Coast has shut down its Gympie campus, because those people are important, apparently more important than you, your kids or your elderly, infirm or otherwise vulnerable housemates.

They must be, because the same government operatives are now threatening to prosecute parents who keep their kids home from school.

I am not saying they should or should not. I am saying it is their choice, especially at a time when nobody seems to really know what they are doing.

Yet at this sensitive, difficult and confusing time, Education Queensland has announced a crackdown on truancy, which is defined as keeping your kids home unless they are sick or in contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive.

They are doing this even as the same bureaucrats consider closing the schools, which they will do soon enough anyway, for the Easter break.

The problem with these regulators is they do not seem to know when they are not needed.

Protecting your kids, parents or grandparents is every household’s right.

They are people who, on the most sober advice available, could die.

What some call over-reacting has worked in Singapore, under-reacting has given us Italy.

We need to all remain calm but careful, and the bureaucrats need to realise this applies to them also.

It is a stressful time for anyone with vulnerable loved ones and at a time like this, we all need to be just a bit gentle with each other..

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