Violent attacker jailed for armed home invasion and assault

AN ARMED home invader who terrorised and seriously assaulted a family at a Jones Hill home, was sent to prison yesterday.

Gympie Magistrates Court heard how Gympie man Rick Lewis Davis, 54, arrived at his ex-girlfriend's home on February 24, with four friends allegedly armed with lumps of wood, a metal rod and an axe.

Davis and his alleged co-offenders, yet to appear in Gympie District Court, allegedly laid into Davis' ex-girlfriend and two of her sons and assaulted them with the weapons.

The court heard Davis had threatened to kill the family and tried to pick up his ex to slam her back into a picket fence.

One of her sons spent four days in hospital suffering from a collapsed lung.

Davis pleaded guilty on Tuesday to three counts of assault occasioning bodily harm while armed and in company.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin described the offences as "gratuitous violence at its worst".

The Magistrate adjourned the matter from Tuesday afternoon to yesterday morning to decide if Davis should be sentenced in the District Court for crimes that carry with them a maximum 10-year jail term. She said while the matter had "hallmarks of vigilantism" there was "no wrong to address" with the incident caused by Davis' unwillingness to let go of his ex.

The court heard Davis had sent 200 text messages to his ex, some abusive.

The woman's sons had told Davis to stop, however the defence told the court Davis felt he was a victim of children's jealousy.

According to Davis he went to the house to talk about a friendship with his ex and to her sons to leave him alone, however Magistrate Baldwin called the notion "ridiculous" and labelled the vicious ambush as pre-meditated.

While reciting the matter in a summary that took the best part of an hour, the Magistrate said "the circumstances are nothing short of deplorable," and sentenced Davis, who had been in custody for the offence since February 25, to jail.

He was given 34 months jail for the assault charges and will be eligible for parole on January 5, next year.

He was further sentenced to two months jail for possessing a shortened .22 calibre rimfire rifle, although it was not involved with the assaults.

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