Man in court over violent attack

A STEAK knife was allegedly used by a 19-year-old man to stab a 60-year-old Woolooga woman on Saturday night, in an unprovoked attack while she slept in her bed.

The quiet tree-lined Chamberlain Street in Woolooga was rocked by the news of the woman's alleged attempted murder about 10pm.

There were reports of dogs barking and screams while one neigbour said his wife had confronted the attacker just before the incident. The woman's two Alsatians alerted neighbours to the intruder after they saw a man jump their back fence. The intruder then broke into the woman's locked and secured house, Gympie Detective and Acting Senior Sergeant in charge of the Gympie Criminal Investigation Branch Dion Southey said.

It is believed the attacker, who had been taken in by a Woolooga family and lived close by, had been drinking at the time of the attack.

The woman, who was alone in the house at the time, awoke after being stabbed and was able to get away and run to a neighbour.

Snr Sgt Southey said the offender was located close to the scene and was known to the woman.

Police said she was taken to Gympie Hospital for treatment for non-life threatening head and neck injures.

She suffered lacerations to her hands, neck and face and was released from hospital on Sunday.

“This is a serious, violent crime and something you just don't do,” Snr Sgt Southey said.

He said the woman could have easily been killed.

It is not known whether the offender took the knife with him to the woman's house or found it on her premises.

The offender is believed to have lived with the woman at some time during the last 12 months.

He is also believed to be a friend of her son.

A neighbour said the woman had lived in the house next door for about a year and was known as a “quiet” type.

It is believed she is now leaving Woolooga to live with her daughter.

Yesterday she was at home with her daughter but declined to speak to the media.

Gympie detectives have charged a man with attempted murder following the incident.

Police said the woman fought the man off before fleeing to the safety of a house next door.

The Woolooga man has also been charged with burglary and wounding.

Lia Ah-Sang, 19, appeared in the Gympie Magistrates Court dock yesterday charged with attempted murder, unlawful wounding and breaking and entering a dwelling with intent.

The alledged offences took place Saturday night.

Ah-Sang didn't enter a plea and no application for bail was made. He was remanded in custody until November 1.

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