SNAKE FOOTAGE: Two pythons
SNAKE FOOTAGE: Two pythons "courting” at a Gympie home this week. Andrea Sunderland

VIDEO: Look out! Look out! There are snakes about in Gympie

IT IS not quite as dramatic as the Samuel L Jackson film Snakes on a Plane, but the Gympie region has seen plenty of snake activity this week, due to the scorching hot weather, according to Gympie snake expert Ed Smith.

Mr Smith has relocated a yellow-faced whip snake, brown snakes, pythons and a few large red belly blacks in the past week.

"It's because the weather is being abruptly hot that the snakes are appearing from everywhere,” he said.

There have been multiple sightings on the Mary River trail.

"There is much more snake movement as they are trying to locate a water source,” Mr Smith said.

He was called to a property at Veteran on Monday morning to remove a python from a garden.

"It was a beautiful python and it tried to get away but I managed to retrieve it,” he said.

He relocated it to a national forest. The very next day the same property owner called him again, this time about two snakes that were "courting”.

"It was a smashing video of them courting,” he said.

The snakes managed to slither away, but Mr Smith is convinced it was a tangled love affair.

"The one thing that gives me a buzz in my job is letting the snakes go,” he said.

"... especially the naughty ones. I take them out to the national park where they won't come into close contact with other people.”

At The Dawn an adventurous cat used up its nine lives on Monday when it discovered an eastern brown on the back deck of the family's home.

The home owner later said the cost of getting a snake catcher in was the best $80 they'd ever spent.

Mr Smith warned residents to be aware of their surroundings and call an expert if a snake needed relocating.

"We find the bigger snakes tend to be more careful with their venom whereas the smaller snakes will just strike at you,” he said.

"Always remember that pythons can strike you causing terrible lacerations. If you do get bitten, you can use alcoholic hand sanitiser and that will help loosen the snake from your grip.”

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