Valleys stay focused for final

THE match between Colts and Wests may have been a dead rubber at the weekend but the game between Harlequins and Valleys was very much alive.

Both sides threw everything at each other in a bid to snaffle the last remaining spot in this weekend's grand final against Colts under lights at Albert Park.

There was plenty of tension on-field but Valleys emerged as the unlikely victors by 11 runs in a low-scoring affair.

Valleys batted first and made 87 runs from 19 overs while dropping all its wickets.

There was a handful of double figures but with the greatest score being Troy Ashton's 19, Harlequins remained confident of their prospects.

What should have been a routine run chase for Harlequins fell apart in spectacular fashion, leaving Valleys to clinch the win and march into the final.

Opener Shane Zahner was dismissed for a duck and although Danny Shepperson managed 29 before being caught, the remainder of the scoring was grim.

Also collecting the dubious honours of being out for a duck were Peter Kross and Chris Darrach.

Interestingly, the second highest source of runs for Harlequins came from Valleys themselves, with loose bowling producing sundries totalling 19 free runs.

Valleys may not have advanced through to the grand final with a blaze of form but have a week now to finetune their firepower before taking on Colts.

The winner of the A Grade Twenty20 grand final at Albert Park not only enjoys the honour but also a massive headstart in the race for the overall premiership.

Valleys Innings

S Brady bowled D Chandler - 9

W Mercer bowled White - 0

P Roser bowled  D Chandler - 13

S Walker bowled T Kross - 17

T Ashton bowled T Kross - 18

G Brook c&b S Zahner - 6

A Leppien bowled S Zahner - 0

J Ross c P Kross b Watnell - 6

K Leupold c Chandler b S Zahner - 1

R Venn not out - 7

L O’Brien c b T Kross - 1

Sundries - 9

TOTAL - 10 for 87

Overs: 19

Fall: 2, 13, 35, 61, 68, 70, 71, 73, 76, 87

Bowling: D Chandler 4-0-19-2, T White 4-0-16-1, W Tatnell 4-1-14-1, T Kross 4-0-13-3, S Zahner 4-0-21-3

Harlequins Innings

S Zahner c T Ashton  b L O’Brien - 0

D Shepperson c P Roser b K Leupold - 29

C Quinn caught behind S Walker b T Ashton - 9

P Kross run out (G Brook) - 0

C Darrach caught behind (S Walker) b T Ashton - 0

B Robinson c S Walker b S Brady - 9

T Kross bowled S Brady - 2

J Symons not out - 5

W Tatnell not out - 3

Sundries - 19

TOTAL - 7 for 76

Overs: 20

Fall: 1, 33, 39, 39, 58, 63, 63

Bowling: L O’Brien 4-0-23-1, R Venn 3-0-14-0, T Ashton 3-3-3-2, G Brook 3-0-14-0, S Brady 2-0-11-2, K Leoupold 2-0-6-1

Result: Valleys won by 11 runs

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