Valley welcomes new hope

MARY Valley advocates yesterday welcomed new State Government plans to cut red tape and urgently repair the area's dam-ravaged economic and community structure.

Mary River Catchment Co-ordinating Committee worker Steve Burgess yesterday expressed his satisfaction with new State Government plans.

Save the Mary River Co-ordinating Group president Glenda Pickersgill was also optimistic about community and environmental outcomes, as well as economic progress.

Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney announced the new government plans this week, including legislative changes to speed up the process.

He said new laws would be needed to cut through an extremely complex mess of red tape left from the Traveston Crossing dam proposal.

Mr Burgess said not everyone would be happy with some inevitable consequences of the new laws, but generally the Seeney plan would result in better management of the Valley," he said.

"We met Mr Seeney when he came out to the Valley two weeks ago. So a few of us put together a ministerial briefing we could all agree on. He expressed interest in our thoughts. We felt it was productive and a lot better than anything we've had to date.

"To have the Deputy Premier sit right across the table, eyeball you and talk straight about the future is probably not a bad thing."

Ms Pickersgill, who is also a spokeswoman for the Mary Valley renewal team, said residents were hoping to see good decisions and good environmental outcomes.

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