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Ute crashes near childcare centre

CHILDREN played without a care in the world at the Gympie Play Station childcare centre yesterday.

Only metres away a Mitsubishi Triton rolled down a 20 metre embankment at the back of the centre about 11.15am.

A spokesperson for the childcare centre said the children were in no immediate danger and were nowhere near where the ute came to rest.

Gympie Fire and Rescue Station Officer Kyle Dellit said if the ute wasn’t stopped by debris, rocks and stumps on the embankment the vehicle could have ended up through the child care centre’s fence.

“It could have been catastrophic,” he said at the scene yesterday.

The Styro Products ute was parked by an employee above the childcare centre a few metres in from the edge of the embankment, off Glanmire Road.

A police spokesperson said it appeared the handbrake was not engaged and the ute simply rolled down the hill.

Firefighters, who were alerted to the danger by the Tozer Park Road childcare centre, moved the children to one end of the centre before Clayton’s Towing tried to drag the ute back up the hill.

The Clayton’s Megatow equipped with crane and 150 tonne capacity was called to help lift the vehicle. Two tow trucks hooked onto the back of the ute and pulled it back up the hill; the recovery took about one hour.

Ambulance officers were on scene but no one was injured.

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