Urgent highway delivery

THERE may be smiles now, but the nerves have taken four days to settle.

On Monday, Bruce McClintock helped his wife Amanda give birth on the side of the road - a nerve-wracking experience to say the least.

New little baby Conway didn't waste any time about his arrival and was born in the family car off the Bruce Hwy at Yandina.

The couple had paid a visit to their Sunshine Coast obstetrician earlier that day for a checkup, and the birth was booked at Sunshine Coast Private Hospital.

They selected the hospital because it specialises in keeping placenta in storage for stem cells in the event a newborn develops an illness or sustains an injury.

Mrs McClintock began driving home and was fine until her back started aching.

She swapped places with her husband and they continued on towards Gympie until, at Federal, they realised it was more serious than just a back ache.

So they turned around to head back to the hospital.

The pain grew stronger and Mrs McClintock's cries grew louder as her husband drove on.

"He kept saying over and over: 'This is ridiculous'," she said.

"When I told him to pull over he was stressing out, muttering: 'No you can't have it...we are not doing this here'." But little Conway's head had already crowned and he was not prepared to wait.

"His head was all the way out so I grabbed a towel thinking he's got to go back in when he popped out," Mr McClintock said. Luck was on their side. A long placenta was only loosely wrapped around the baby's neck.

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