UNITED: Gene Farrelly
UNITED: Gene Farrelly

Creditors move in, take smile of nation's happiest business

IT IS undoubtedly a long way to the top, especially in the regions, but that sometimes just makes it a long way to fall.

Creditors have moved in on the once brilliantly positive United Project Partners, which at one point had one of the happiest offices in Australia, in Duke St in Gympie.

The firm was associated with some of the best outcomes imaginable for clients, partners and the community.

CEO and managing director Gene Farrelly established the United group in 2011 and it grew to 14 employees, not counting the companies it used to build the houses it sold.

Bringing it all together, the group boasted integrated business divisions that included a licensed real estate agency to sell and manage clients' property investments, a finance brokerage to arrange the credit needed to keep those sales coming through, a project management section to develop its properties, a development and marketing department and its own qualified draftsman and a licensed builder.

Mr Farrelly also partnered with Act for Kids to promote business donations, including from its own businesses, to finance therapy services for abused children.

As United Project Partners and Act for Kids ambassador, Mr Farrelly promoted a vision for a society that valued children and people generally.

He was for a while also one of the most popular bosses in Australia, claiming he reaped the benefits of improved productivity for shouting all his staff and their partners to a full program with his personal trainer.

The benefit for him was what he called a painless improvement in productivity and productive goodwill all round.

It was all win-win for Mr Farrelly and everyone he dealt with until, at some time in the recent past, United's integrated business model began to disintegrate, to disunite in a big way, which some say may cost a lot of people a lot of money.

The company has recently been in administration and on Tuesday it all seemed to come crashing down.

Creditors met in Toowoomba, where the company has some of its biggest operations, and administration turned into liquidation.

Worrells Solvency and Forensic Accountants say the meeting passed a special resolution to wind the company up, sell assets and give creditors what can be found.

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