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'DRUNKEN STUPIDITY': Uninvited guest’s $17k assault

AN UNINVITED man at a Central Queensland after-pub drinking session assaulted two men - one who tried to escort him off his property and another that came to the first victim's defence.

Richard James Kay, 29, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton District Court this week to one count of grievous bodily harm and one of assault occasioning bodily harm.

Judge Michael Burnett said the victims and defendant had been drinking at Moura Cattle 'n' Coal Hotel during the evening with the victims retreating to a residence afterwards to continue the drinking session.

He said Kay turned up, uninvited, and in the company of another, about 15 minutes later.

People were drinking in the carport and Kay was told not to enter.

The occupier escorted Kay to the gate and told him to go away, to which Kay responded by punching the man in the face, causing teeth to fall out.

Kay then punched the man in the head many times before a second man came to his defence, only to be the next target of Kay's punches.

The court heard Kay caused such extensive damage to the first man that the victim racked up over $17,000 in medical bills and had a metal plate inserted in the past 14 months, since the incident.

"He would have a daily reminder of your drunken stupidity," Judge Burnett said.

He said Kay, while having no prior convictions for violence, had an evident problem with alcohol.

Kay's minor criminal record included public nuisance and threatening police as they removed him from a hotel.

Judge Burnett said while Kay made bad decisions while drinking, he was not lacking in intelligence having started a university degree prior to exiting further education and working ever since.

He said Kay had made apologies via social media the day after the incident and immediately offered to pay compensation for injuries he caused.

Judge Burnett sentenced Kay to two-and-a-half years' prison with immediate parole and ordered he pay $17,500 compensation, for which Kay's lawyer had ready in cheque format.

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