Two beaut brews for hot summer days

AS ANYBODY who tries different beers on a regular basis knows, sometimes you have to sort through a heap of ordinary brews in order to find the odd absolute gem. Fortunately, the genuinely bad beer is increasingly rare.

All the ordinary drops, though, make the gems really special. And last weekend Hugh the Neighbour and I managed to find a couple from Western Australia.

First cab off the rank was Dog Days Summer Beer from the redoubtable Little Creatures Brewery. The first release of Dog Days, a seasonal beer designed for the hot Australian summer, went down well in 2015, and it has now become a bit of an annual treat. As you would expect from Little Creatures, Dog Days delivers a lovely fruity whack of hops with malty overtones, making for a truly refreshing drink on a hot day.


In 355ml cans at 4.4% alcohol content, it is on the lower end of full strength craft beers, which adds to its sessionability. It will be increasingly available in the bottleo and really is one to keep your eye out for.

The other pearler of the weekend was the Gage Roads Little Dove New World Pale Ale. HTN found a six-pack at the local mega-store and was attracted to the blurb that revealed this beer was crowned Best New World Style Pale Ale at this year's Australian International Beer Awards. It has loads of tropical fruit flavours and a crisp finish that has that Goldilocks bitterness - not too much but not too little either.

A 6.2% alcohol content makes this a bit more of a special occasion brew than a barbecue chugger, but it is absolutely beautiful.

I am often suspicious of award winners - perhaps from years of trying (and failing) to understand the plots of films that have got a gong at Cannes - but I reckon the judges got this one spot on. Neither Hugh nor I could pick a winner from these beers, and either will be an adornment to warm weather. If you see them, grab some.


Dog Days, 355ml cans; 4.4% ABV; $22 per six pack; $72 per carton of 24.

Little Dove, 330ml bottles; 6.2% ABV; $19 per pack of four; $85 per carton of 24

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