Turbo charged job market

WITH luminaries like rugby league legend Artie Beetson and Channel Seven fishing personality Scott Hillier in the line-up, the people at today's big Gympie Jobs Expo at the Pavilion want to make it clear that the real stars are the job seekers and employers who will be there today in droves.

Described as “a turbo charged job market”, organisers say some of their clients have compared it to “six weeks of job search compressed into one day”.

More than 70 employers from right across the Gympie and nearby regions have registered to attend, and thousands of job seekers are encouraged to bring along their CV and jump the queue to get a job.

Attending guarantees at least a meeting between job providers and those who want a job.

It effectively puts job seekers straight through to the interview stage.

“We link people with jobs to people who need them, so they can interact and get on with it,” Centrelink's Russell Mayo said of the project, formally known as the “Keep Australia Working” Centrelink Jobs Expo.

Local employment co-ordinator for the project, Garry Davison, said the number of businesses involved was a real credit to Gympie.

“They had 77 at Ipswich, 70-odd at Bundaberg and we look like matching that at least,” he said. “More than 340 people got jobs last Wednesday in Bundaberg.”

The expos are held in priority areas noted for employment issues and Gympie, one of the least populous, looks like having one of the highest proportions of employers present.

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