Warren Truss.
Warren Truss.

Truss says Stanton offers no hope for people of Wide Bay


Bill Shorten's candidate for Wide Bay, L Stanton is acting true to form, offering no plan, no solution and no hope for the people of Wide Bay, with her criticism of the Liberal Nationals commitment to contribute to the upgrade of the Cooloola Noosa coast road (GT 15/6/14).

My commitment in 2007, along with Alex Somlyay, who was the Federal Member for most of the road, was based on our view that the link will connect the Fraser, Cooloola and Sunshine Coasts, opening up access for locals and tourists, assisting the expansion of agriculture, and providing new opportunities for jobs and growth in the region. I still hold that view, obviously Labor does not.

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In 2007 the Coalition Government was in a strong position to make the commitment to the coastal road because of the careful and prudent economic leadership provided by the Howard Government.

When we committed $10 million to the coastal route, to be matched by the State and Local Governments, the Liberal Nationals Coalition Government had paid back the Hawke/Keating Labor Government's $96 billion debt, returned the Budget to surplus and left $60 billion in savings dedicated to improving health, education, communications and infrastructure.


But Labor squandered all of that and plunged Australia deep into debt with its cash giveaways, overpriced school halls, rorted home insulation scheme, and an $11 billion blow out on border security.


The Coalition's 2013 election commitments needed to be more modest and were built around restoring Budget discipline, scrapping Labor's carbon tax and securing our borders.

It was only after the 2013 election we realised the true extent of the horror and devastation that Labor had wreaked on our nation's finances, with Labor's debt set to peak at $667 billion. Over the following three years we worked to bring Australia's finances under control and restore budget discipline so the Coalition can make responsible, affordable election commitments.

In the interim, Councils have had to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining and upgrading the coastal link.

I support Llew O'Brien's commitment to the coastal link road and I hope that Councils and the State Government will too. The merits of this project have long been recognised by Gympie and Noosa Councils and they should work together with State and Federal Governments to build the road that will provide new jobs and create new economic opportunities across the Wide Bay region.

Yours sincerely,


Former Federal Member for Wide Bay

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