Truss: Mary Valley was deceived

PEOPLE who campaigned against the Traveston Crossing dam have a right to feel deceived and angry at the Federal Labor Government’s decision to allow up to 8000 mega litres of Mary River water to be piped to Brisbane every year, Federal Member for Wide Bay Warren Truss has said.

“It is incredible that Peter Garrett would allow the northern pipeline interconnector project to proceed after rejecting the Traveston Crossing dam in such absolute terms,” Mr Truss said.

“In spite of all of the rhetoric at the time of the Traveston Crossing dam decision, Labor in Canberra has sided with Labor in Brisbane to put water for Brisbane ahead of the environment and the needs of the people of the Mary Valley and the Sunshine Coast.

“That the approval requires a series of overarching environmental management plans which have not yet even been written shows that the pipeline will impact on nationally protected species and that the decision is flawed.

“Clearly the State Government has not been able to sufficiently demonstrate that protected species are not at risk.

“To say that the approval includes a condition to limit extractions to the existing entitlement of 20 megalitres per day with an additional two megalitres allowance for measurement error is disingenuous. The Mary River can ill afford to sustain permanent extractions at that level,” Mr Truss said.

“The Traveston Crossing dam farce proves that Anna Bligh has no regard for the environment. So how can Mr Garrett trust the State Labor Government not to extract as much water as it possibly can every day?

“Labor’s failure to plan for Brisbane’s water security now has all the potential to wreak havoc on the Mary River.

“The Mary River needs water to run but Anna Bligh wants to take it for Brisbane. While she couldn’t achieve that through the Traveston Crossing dam, she will now do it through pipes and with the Federal Labor Government’s blessing.

“Peter Garrett has let the Mary Valley down,” Mr Truss said.

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