‘Trawler’ stench from lake as water dries up

IN THE 10 years Renee Guddop has lived in the Lockyer Valley, she has been around Gatton's Lake Apex a few times.

In the midst of a drought, the water in the lake has all but depleted.

What Mrs Guddop saw when she walked by the lake most recently was unlike anything she had seen before.

"Dead eels and turtles - there are still turtles in there," Mrs Guddop said.

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"There are at least six or seven, you can see their little heads poking out through the water."

She said the smell, as well as the distressing sight, caught her off guard.

"The eels have been cooking in the sun, it stinks," she said.



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"I grew up in a fishing village and this pretty much smells like a trawler - it's attrocious."

She said she could see live eels still in the small amount of remaining water, writhing in the mud.

"There were still some in there trying to move in the sludge," she said.

Mrs Guddop said she had spoken to the Lockyer Valley Regional Council on Thursday but had yet to see anything done.

The Lockyer Valley Regional Council said in a statement it had taken proactive measures in September by engaging a specialist rescue team to capture and relocate wildlife at the lake.

"Council have been closely monitoring the situation, with subsequent rescue efforts previously scheduled for this week," the statement said.

"Dried up water sources, coupled with wind and extreme heat conditions have escalated the evaporation of the remaining water and threatened remaining eels."

Mrs Guddop couldn't see why a water truck couldn't pour water into that last bit of mud where they're trying to survive - all they need is a little bit more water and they might survive," she said.

"Either that or they have to pull the rest of them out but if they don't do something soon, they will all die - even the turtles will cook in there."

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