Alexis Tramacchi is living her dream as she passes on her skills to the littlies in a club that gave her so much.
Alexis Tramacchi is living her dream as she passes on her skills to the littlies in a club that gave her so much. Craig Warhurst

Alexis gives back to Gympie Football

Q. Alexis, you're back playing for the Miners this year. Why did you decide to have another run around?

A. I think it is still a personal challenge to play soccer and it is still the best way to stay fit and you make great friends.


Q. You were a bit of star when you were as a junior. What's you resume?

A. I played for Queensland in the W League. It wasn't called the Roar then, but it is the same thing. We were called the Queensland Sting before they lined up with the men's league. We had an undefeated season playing in the W League in 2000-01 seasons. At the point I was a member of the national team pool, but I also got offered a scholarship in America.

Q. So,what did you do?

A. I went to America and studied at the South Eastern Louisiana University.

Q. What did you study?

A. I studied psychology.

Q. Why aren't you doing that now?

A. I don't know. I am busy living the dream, I guess. Working in the gym and doing all this coaching for free. I wanted to come home. I missed all my friends and family and just wanted to be a part of everyone's lives again and be able to give back to soccer and the community. I wouldn't have got to where I got without everyone volunteering their time and fundraising for me.

Q. So what competition did you play in America?

A. I played in the NCAA Division 1. It was the highest level of college soccer in the United States. We won the two years I was there. We won these big championship rings, it was pretty cool. I told the Miners if we play and win, I want championship rings and not trophies this year.

Q. How are the Miners looking?

A. We are looking good. We have a lot of individual talent and it is the coach's job to turn us into a unit. We have a lot of good younger players coming through and it is exciting to watch them play.

Q. What position did you play?

A. I played left midfield, which is the same position I will play for the Miners this year.

Q. You played on the weekend in a trial match against Nambour Yandina, how did that go?

A. We won 9-1, but it isn't a good gauge of how we will go as a team. They are one of the less-competitive sides.

Q. I heard you are the new under-5 co-ordinator for the junior football; what does that entail?

A. Overseeing the coaching program for the under-5s. It's a three-day a week.

Q. So what do you teach the kids?

A. We drill in the basic skills. Over and over again the four different skills per session including passing, dribbling, shooting, those sorts of things. My role is to make sure the coaches teach the U5s the basics off football.

Q. Why is that?

A. It is so when they move into clubs they all have the same exposure to the fundamentals of football and are around the same skill level.

Q. When does the football season start?

A. The first game and the march past is on Saturday, March 31.

Q. So when do the under-5s play?

A. They play Saturday mornings from 9am. This year for the first time the kids will be playing on the main field one.

Q. Why is that?

A. It is to encourage the parents to come along and get involved. Playing on the new field is a first for Gympie football. The kids will be playing small-sided games on little fields. The aim is to make it more exciting for the kids. They are the future of soccer as they move through the years.

Q. So there are no clubs in this age group?

A. No. Every week they will be in different teams so no team becomes dominate it gives more kids more of a go.

Q. What are you up to this week?

A. I am at Centro this Thursday all day and Saturday until noon. I'm here to talk to parents about football and sign on any kids who want to play the game.

Q. How much does it cost for the U5s to play?

A. The really good thing about this program is we got funding to support junior players. It is the cheapest program Gympie soccer has to offer - $25 includes all training and games.


Player profile

Name: Alexis Tramacchi

Age: 29

Born: Ayr, but from Gympie my whole life.

Favourite food: Spaghetti

Favourite TV program: Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Favourite music: Everything. Don't really have a favourite.

Sport you would play if not football: Working out at the gym.

Funniest moment in sport: While I was playing soccer in America we had a coach called Hornbuckle. That's funny in itself, but he used to make us watch the movie Remember the Titans on the team bus before every game. So we hid it from him one day hoping he would put another movie on. It backfired because he went out of his way to find a Walmart. Pulled up the bus to the front of the doors and went in to buy another copy.

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