Paul Kane with fiancé Wendy Montgomery at Billy’s yesterday.
Paul Kane with fiancé Wendy Montgomery at Billy’s yesterday.

Tragic loss a mystery

POLICE are investigating the death of Gympie bartender Jai Cullen whose body was found in his unit on the weekend.

Jai , 24, was discovered dead on Saturday by his employer Lesley Mitchell of Billy’s, who became concerned when Mr Cullen failed to show up for his shift on Friday night.

When she didn’t see him by Saturday night, Ms Mitchell sent a friend to climb up the fire escape to Jai’s Young Street unit and check on him.

“The last time I saw Jai was on Thursday. When he didn’t show for work we wondered what was going on but it never occurred to any of us that it would be like this,” she said.

His death has shocked the Gympie community and family members, close friends and work mates have been left questioning how he died.

Jai’s father Paul Kane was in Gympie yesterday looking for answers however, he told The Gympie Times he wouldn’t know what happened to his son until after the autopsy and when police finish their investigations.

“He loved it here. He was getting his flat in order and had paid off his debts — he was really happy,” Mr Kane said adding that he had wanted his son to move back to Newcastle.

“It’s lovely here. I know why he liked it now.”

Mr Kane said his son had been deceased quite some time without anyone knowing.

“He was on high-blood pressure tablets and started to put on weight (but) I’d prefer to not speculate until the autopsy is done,” he said.

Ms Mitchell said Jai’s work mates assumed he was with his mother at Glenwood when they couldn’t reach him on his mobile phone.

“He was a well-liked, well-balanced lad. The customers and staff loved him,” she said.

Gympie police confirmed they were investigating the circumstances of the death of a 24-year-old man but would not comment on the likely cause of death. Detectives will prepare a report for the coroner.

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