Top 10 excuses for skipping community service

QUEENSLAND Corrective Services has released their top 10 excuses for not complying with parole orders and some serious whoppers have made the list.

Some are more believable than others - such as the person who supposedly got locked inside their own home.

And there are people like the victim of a catfish attack that was allegedly so vicious they could no longer do community service.

Someone else complained they had no clean underwear. Another offender told QCS officers their dog had eaten their phone.

"Yes, these are all real - and no, none of them worked," the QCS post said.

While the list might be lighthearted, parole is no joke in Queensland.

As of September this year, 21,267 people across Queensland were under an order, which includes conditions such as court-ordered parole or community service. 

Data released by QCS each month shows 11,383 people were on probation as of September, and another 5232 were on court-ordered parole.

A total 131 people, considered dangerous prisoners, were on a supervision order.

Most people were under an order for possessing illicit drugs or possessing drug utensils. The two charges accounted for 9277 offenders.

A large number of offenders (3860) had been charged with breaching a violence order.

The exercise facilities at Woodford Correctional Centre.
The exercise facilities at Woodford Correctional Centre.

Queensland's prison system also remains crowded.

As of October 1, prisons across the state had more than 9000 people housed in a system designed to hold less than 7000.

Most of those prisoners are on remand only, meaning they have yet to be found guilty or sentenced.

Murder, rape, assault and drug dealing accounted for the bulk of crimes committed by those serving a prison sentence.

Read QCS's top 10 list below, or head here to see the blog post.

1. "I had a big day on the p*ss for Australia Day, and I've been on the crapper all morning."

2. " I can't do community service because I stayed up late watching movies… It had Brad Pitt in it."

3. "I can't do community service because a catfish attacked me!"

4. "I couldn't ring to reschedule my reporting appointment because the dog ate my phone." Our surveillance team rang him the next day and the offender answered the phone… The offender explained he got his phone back by letting nature take its course… Eeeewwww! and also, what brand of phone was it?

5. "We got lost in the bush and had to get saved by the rescue helicopter."

6. "I can't go to community service -  I have no clean underwear."

7. "I couldn't come in to my reporting appointment this morning because I got locked IN my house…"

8. "I can't report today 'cause I'm cutting the grass for my aunty."

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