Man records video of creepy clown car chase

A MAN has released a video after he chased a car of creepy clowns to the Toowoomba police station.

About 11pm on October 11, Anthony Francis was driving near Hume and Perth Sts when clowns jumped out at him.

"I wanted to give chase but I didn't know how many there were," he said.

"But then I heard clowns were verbally threatening two girls I know down town so I headed there.

"I thought enough is enough and I followed the clowns in my car. I am tired of clowns threatening people and abusing them."

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Mr Francis followed the car of clowns who ended up driving to the Toowoomba police station out of fear of being followed.

One clown was charged with committing a public nuisance.

Mr Francis isn't the only one sick of the clowns. On the Clown Sightings Toowoomba Facebook page followers have been threatening to go hunting.

One follower said, "Burn them, bash them do whatever you want".

Mr Francis said the craze needed to stop.

"I have two young children and they used to love clowns but now they are terrified of them," he said. 

"This has to stop because now everyone is taking up arms against these clowns and those that dress up will end up getting hurt. People are threatening them with baseball bats and everything."

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