Drinking lead men to bad behaviour

TWO completely separate criminal matters bore striking similarities in Gympie Magistrates Court when it was heard “one too many drinks” caused two men to behave strangely and in exactly the same way.

Without any wrongful intentions, Ryan James Hammersley, 26, and Sean Colin Spencer, 28, terrified two Gympie regional households when they turned up drunk in the middle of the night and demanded to be let in.

Police said Hammersley had been banging on the back door of a Tin Can Bay house at around 11.30pm on February 5 and Spencer had been banging on the windows of a Southside home at 2.50am on February 21.

They had no idea how they got there or why they intruded on those families.

The court heard Hammersley and Spencer both became aggressive and swore at the residents when they were told to get off the properties but neither of them could remember what they were doing or why they had gone to those addresses in the first place.

Spencer was walking along Exhibition Road when he was located by police. He was lucky the Southside resident didn’t make a complaint and all officers could charge him with was creating a public nuisance.

He said his last memory was leaving the hotel where he had been drinking and he had thought he was arrested there.

Hammersley resisted arrest when he was found near the Tin Can Bay property he intruded on and he was charged with trespassing and obstructing police.

His last recollection was of drinking at his Cooloola Cove home earlier that evening but information from the complainant was he appeared to have been looking for his mate.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin said there was a lesson to be learned through the experience.

“Once you go past remembering, you could be liable for anything,” she said and expressed her concern for the people they disturbed.

“The distress of having an intoxicated man trying to get in the house at that time of night …”

Hammersley, of Golden Hind Avenue, was placed on probation for nine months with the condition he get help for his alcohol problems and Spencer, of Loder Street, Southside, was fined $200.

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