'Tip Chick' still up a tree

THE situation is not quite business as usual at Tin Can Bay tip this week – more like business as unusual.

It has been that way since Friday, when former 'Tip Chick' Jessica Milne built herself a tree house at the dump and vowed to remain there. Yesterday, the former tip contractor said she was still up a tree and still allowed to be there, with a new 5pm deadline to have her and all her 'stuff' – mostly scrap metal and timber – out and off the premises.

“They’re taking the roof off the shed, there’s reporters everywhere and I’m getting phone calls from all over,” she said via mobile phone from her protest home.

Meanwhile, she says her phone communications have included some abusive text messages from people who have also contacted The Gympie Times.

She claims the messages are a form of harassment, which began when she found one person stealing from the tip. Since then she has been subject to complaints about her tip management and even her informal occupation of a sporting group site, where she acted as a caretaker.

“I’m over it,” she said of the messages, adding that some of them were bordering on threatening. She denied claims that one of her supporters had threatened people at the tip.

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