PRO JETTY: Tin Can Bay Tourism Park owner operator Melanie May argues a strong case for a jetty at Norman Point.
PRO JETTY: Tin Can Bay Tourism Park owner operator Melanie May argues a strong case for a jetty at Norman Point.

Tin Can Bay needs and wants a jetty at Norman Pt


THE Gympie Regional Council is to be congratulated for having the vision and realisation of the future benefits that the proposed Tin Can Bay Jetty would deliver to the region.

There has been overwhelming support for the jetty as evidenced by the petition presented to the GRC.

It is also significant to note that many visitors to our region as well as members of our local community realise and value the long term benefits of tourism and the flow-on effect to local businesses.

Jetties dotted along the Queensland coast provide families and persons of all ages with the opportunity to enjoy these facilities.

They produce fun and excitement for kids and provide natural and scenic views of our waters. The adjoining park areas provide locations where they can play games and enjoy the outdoors.

There was a public jetty at Tin Can Bay, located in Snapper Creek and was used for public recreational fishing but was demolished in 1996.

Snapper Creek is now congested with commercial and recreational activities and the Gympie Regional Council is investigating the feasibility of constructing a new jetty at Norman Point that will provide opportunities for fishing at all tides as well as being an attraction for families, residents and visitors to our region.

The Norman Point Jetty Feasibility Study that was commissioned by the Gympie Regional Council has indicated that the proposed jetty is feasible and would have an expected lifespan of 50 years.

With the wide community support for the project, we need to proceed with the surveys and designs to make it all happen and for the Norman Point Jetty to become a reality.

James George,

President Tin Can Bay Fishing Club.


TIN Can Bay has a proud heritage as a fishing village and is the last of the 'small quaint fishing villages' less than three hours from Brisbane. Generations keep coming back year after year for the fishing or a relaxing holiday experience.

The proposed jetty will support the recreational fishing and tourism sectors, creating vibrancy in town and boosting the local economy, creating sustainable tourism growth in Tin Can Bay, adding to the town's character. There will be huge benefits to this town and our wonderful region.

This jetty will be a facility that can be accessed and enjoyed by persons of all ages especially for persons with a disability and for children. It will also provide eco experiences as well as heritage, environmental, educational, recreational and social experiences.

What enjoyment will the Jetty bring to our community?

This jetty will provide an iconic experience to visitors in a safe family orientated environment. Educational excursions will provide opportunities for school groups, junior fishing events as well as weddings and a meeting place for locals.

There is no public jetty in Tin Can Bay and there are limited opportunities for land based fishing in the surrounding area. The Norman Point site is the closest point to the deeper waters of the Tin Can Bay Inlet and will allow all tide fishing from the jetty.

It will be one of the few places where locals and tourists will have formal access to enjoy the waters of Tin Can Bay and the new facility will be the new centrepiece of Tin Can Bay's Foreshore. Families can ride bikes, walk or drive from Tin Can Bay Tourist Park along the foreshore to the proposed jetty. Here, they will enjoy the scenic views, enjoy the walk as well as their recreational fishing pastimes.

The feedback we get from recent visitors is they are looking for this style of destination for their holiday enjoying walks, fishing, relaxing, bike rides, quality family time and holidaying with the grandparents. Grey nomads are increasing each year and camping and recreational fishing is an integral part of Queensland's lifestyle.

At present the Norman Point boat ramp bottlenecks during peak periods and weekends. The jetty will create a place to fish and free up the congested boat ramp.

There will also be employment opportunities during the construction and ongoing managing and maintenance. For the benefit of Tin Can Bay the whole community should be behind this project and the Tin Can Bay Chamber of Commerce should be pushing for these big projects.

Possible future plans for the jetty?

The ideas are endless, a great idea would be to showcase the history of Tin Can Bay with interpretive material and structures on the jetty that will provide heritage education and interpretive material for visitors.

In conjunction with the jetty there are other facilities greatly needed which include: completing the widening of the foreshore pathways and desperate urgency for fish cleaning tables.

We are a fairly large accommodation provider; we pride ourselves on promoting what this region has to offer. We are really excited with the plans of the proposed Jetty. I'm hoping my Children will one day enjoy promoting Tin Can Bay and what it has to offer to future generations.

Melanie May,

Owner/operator Tin Can Bay Tourist Park.

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