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Three who behave badly around alcohol are fined

THREE people appeared in Gympie Magistrates Court this week on drunk and disorderly charges. Gympie man Leigh John Urbano, 29, and Gympie woman Kerrie Lee Rose, 51, were involved in a disturbance at The Jockey Club on June 12.

The court heard police attended the hotel about 11pm after a group of people left the premises. It heard Urbano argued with staff and refused to leave after he saw a staff member remove a drink from a friend. CCTV footage showed him shutting the door on a staff member when he finally left.

"Your history is terrible, you're only a whisker away from going to jail for a few years," Magistrate M. Baldwin warned Urbano on Monday when he was convicted and fined $440.

Similarly, the court heard CCTV footage showed Rose also argued with bar staff and refused to leave the hotel.

Rose's duty lawyer Chris Anderson said his client remembers being boisterous but only has intermittent recollections of the night and since the event has decided not to drink again. Rose was convicted and fined $300.

Jacob Liam Day, 21, of Beenham Valley pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly on June 14 at The Royal Hotel.

The court heard Day became aggressive towards a patron and was forcibly removed from the hotel. Mrs Baldwin warned the young man about alcohol blurring judgment. She fined him $250; taking into account his early plea of guilty and unblemished criminal history.

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