This year's I'm a Celeb winner announced

One of this season's most controversial contestants has won I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!

Ex-Bachelor contestant Abbie Chatfield was crowned Queen of the Jungle in Sunday night's finale.

Seven celebrities had a chance of winning the live finale: Grant Denyer, Abbie Chatfield, Jess Eva, Travis Varcoe, Ash Williams, Toni Pearen and Colin Fassnidge.

The winner was determined by votes from the public and at the end of the night it came down to Abbie and Grant.

But Abbie walked away with the title and won $100,000 for her chosen charity, Dementia Australia.

Abbie wins!
Abbie wins!

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Abbie was arguably this season's most talked about contestant. She clashed with Dipper over a comment he made about her bikini and later said his 'joke' was "part of rape culture", she had a jungle romance with Ash, and she was distraught after being bitten on the hand by a snake in a shocking challenge that outraged some viewers.

Some people were even upset that Abbie, who appeared on Matt Agnew's season of The Bachelor in 2019, was cast on the show in the first place.

I guess she showed them!

Here's how the finale unfolded.

Why Abbie chose Dementia Australia

Abbie nominated Dementia Australia as her chosen charity because her grandma, who passed away last June, had dementia.

Abbie broke down in tears in a video on the I'm a Celeb site as she spoke about her grandma's decline.

At the end of the video she laughed as she said to the camera: "When grandma passed away was when I had the first interview for this show. The last time I saw her I told her about the show and she told me to tell Dr Chris Brown she had a crush on him!"

And the winner is...


As the bookies predicted, Abbie walked away with the crown ahead of Grant Denyer.

Abbie won $100,000 for her chosen charity, Dementia Australia

Dragging on

Boy, Channel 10 is really drawing this out.

The show was meant to finish at 9pm but it's 9.05pm and we don't even have a winner yet.

Oh seriously.

Third place announced

Jess Eva is out!

The Triple M radio host finished third meaning the winner will either be Grant or Abbie.

Jess was rushed to hospital last week because she had bugs stuck in her ears from her time in the jungle (reminder - it was filmed in December!) You can read about that here

Three celebs left

Who will the winner be?

Grant Denyer, Jess Eva and Abbie Chatfield are the celebs left in the race.

According to bookies Abbie will win - but then again Grant is a hit with viewers and Jess has won herself a new legion of fans since appearing on the show.

Another two celebs eliminated

Colin and Toni are out!

Colin finished 5th and Toni finished 4th in the public votes.

TBH I'm pretty surprised Toni didn't get more votes. She's been a hit with viewers this season. And she got bitten on the face by three snakes. What more did she have to do, Australia?!

Great question about Mel

Someone on Twitter just asked a great question about Mel Buttle who quit the show after seeing a snake near camp.

I interviewed Mel after she left the show and asked her if she had a deal with producers that meant she wouldn't have to do a challenge with any snakes. A Ten publicist didn't allow her to answer the question. Read into that what you will.

Ash and Travis out

They're starting to reveal some of the results from the public voting.

Finishing in seventh place was Ash Williams.

Finishing in sixth place was Travis Varcoe.

It's not that surprising that Ash got the least number of votes - he's been embroiled in some controversy in the last couple of weeks due to an upcoming court case.

But Travis finishing sixth, that is a surprise. Some on Twitter have suggested he didn't get enough airtime on the show this season.

Mel Buttle's cracking one-liner

Mel Buttle was the first celeb to quit the jungle this year.

She bailed due to her fear of snakes.

Mel is in the studio tonight and Dr Chris Brown said to her: "Mel, congratulations, you're a member of a very exclusive club, the 'leaving the jungle a bit earlier than expected' club. Obvious question, have you caught up for a game of mixed doubles with Bernard Tomic?"

(Bernard Tomic infamously quit the show very quickly a few years ago.)

Mel replied: "You know I don't touch balls, Dr Chris."

Boom - bloody hell she's funny

Fake tans galore

The seven remaining celebs are in the studio and wowsers do they look different than they did when they were in the jungle (reminder: all of the show apart from tonight's finale was filmed in December)

The spray tan gun has running non-stop backstage from the looks of it.



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