Teen car thief caught in act

A TEENAGE thief who broke into garages and cars in a gated complex during the night was chased down and apprehended by a resident.

Police received a call on the night of September 21 from a Derrilin Drive resident who said he scared away an intruder from inside his garage. The caller believed people were breaking into cars around the area and he was right.

After breaking into several cars parked in and around a complex at Currambine Avenue, Mark Allan McKay, 17, was stopped by one of his victims and placed under a citizen’s arrest at around 2am, September 22.

McKay was taken into custody by police and charged with trespassing, stealing, wilful damage and four counts of unlawful entry of a motor vehicle to commit an indictable offence at night.

McKay was caught with camouflage paint on his face, stolen property and equipment used to commit the offences.

The court heard McKay smashed a window to get into a car parked on Quamby Court and stole a purse and CDs from inside the vehicle.

Then he took five jerry cans of diesel fuel and other items from a garage in Currambine Avenue, followed by a theft of a Navman and sunglasses from another car.

In McKay’s defence, solicitor Corey Jenkins his client blamed extreme intoxication for his behaviour. “It looks like these offences were premeditated because of the face paint... But he say’s he didn’t know what he had done until he woke up in the watchouse the next day,” he said.

The court learned that McKay had committed the offences while on a period of good behaviour ordered by the court for obstructing police. The $600 bond was forfeited and he was re-sentenced to probation for six months for all offences.

McKay, of Scott Road, Gympie, was also ordered to pay $620 for damages.

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