They can run but they can't hide

ALREADY on charges for driving an unregistered car in Gympie earlier in the day, Brandon Paulsen made a run for it when police spotted him driving the same car on the Wide Bay Highway less than two hours later.

Recognised from the previous offence, officers gave Paulsen the hand signal to stop. However, prosecutor Senior Constable Manns said he travelled at speed towards the Bruce Highway intersection.

Officers followed Paulsen and watched him pull out into a steady stream of traffic heading north and overtake many vehicles before he turned into Purcell Street.

“He did not brake or slow down. It was a dangerous manoeuvre to try and get away from police,” Snr Const Manns told the Gympie Magistrate yesterday and said prosecution was seeking a disqualification period on Paulsen’s licence.

Gympie Magistrates Court heard Paulsen had purchased the vehicle on February 2 and was on his way to Curra when he was charged with driving an unregistered and uninsured car on Exhibition Road at about 12.40pm.

Paulsen then drove the back way through Glastonbury to the Wide Bay Highway for the purpose of avoiding police. After shaking police off his tail at Bells Bridge, Paulsen took the car to a Curra property and parked it in the backyard, where police spotted it later that day.

Paulsen, 31, met them at the front door and admitted he was the driver of the car and he was charged again for driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle but this time he was also charged with driving without due care and attention, and for failing to stop after police directed him to do so.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin said Paulsen was “looking down the barrel of losing (his) licence” and ordered him to pay $800 in fines for two charges of driving an uninsured vehicle. For the rest of the offences, Brandon Wade Paulsen, of Cliff Jones Road, Curra, copped fines that amounted to $1230 which was converted into a fine option order of 55 hours community service.

In a similar matter before the court, Gregory James Thompson, of Ian Drive, Curra was charged with driving an unregistered and uninsured car with false plates and without a drivers licence. Thompson, 51, said he took a gamble by driving but it didn’t pay off. The court heard he had committed seven unlicensed-driving and four disqualified driving offences in the past decade.

Prosecutor Snr Const Lisa Manns asked the magistrate to place Thompson on a suspended prison sentence given his history and considering fines “didn’t seem to be a deterrent”.

Thompson was fined $880 on the uninsured charge, sentenced to six months in prison suspended for two years and was disqualified from driving for eight months.

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