BREAK OUT THE AEROGARD: The Gympie region is under attack.
BREAK OUT THE AEROGARD: The Gympie region is under attack. Anest

There's a plague of bities tormenting this region

IF YOU'VE been going through the Aerogard and the Stop Itch like there's no tomorrow in the past few weeks you can blame it on the weather.

The Gympie region's recent warmer temperatures and showers are responsible for the flying army of giant mosquitoes and midges that have engulfed the region, driving people indoors and leaving arms and legs covered in angry red welts.

Across social media, people living in the Mary Valley, Pie Creek, the Gympie CBD, Lower Wonga, Goomboorian, Rainbow Beach, Pomona and all stops in between, are complaining about the plague of flying bloodsuckers.

Danny Gubecka has just moved here from Redcliffe and says the council need to start spraying.

"The council (in Redcliffe) used to spray all the time. I've never seen big ones like you got here. I have three boys and one of them is allergic to mozzie bite. He would scratch til they bleed then the bites would get infected. It's horrible.”

Southside resident Christine Hamilton says the midges especially have been bad on the Southside near Power Rd.

"I was blaming the dog lol. But she is also being driven mad by them. I have not experienced the mozzies so much though.”

A Gympie Regional Council spokesman said insect problems were common in the warmer months.

"Higher ambient temperatures warm the water or substrate in breeding sites, resulting in shorter development periods for eggs, larvae and pupae. Hence, insect problems always occur during warmer times of the year,” they said.

The problem can get particularly bad near waterways.

"(Gympie) council does not currently have a mosquito treatment program in place but surveillance is conducted throughout the region,” the spokesman said.

"Gympie Regional Council will commence the alphavirus surveillance program later this month, which targets the detection of Ross river and barmah forest viruses; this program will continue until May 2017.

"Council has recently partnered up with the South Burnett Regional Council and the Gold Coast Regional Council to carry out a systematic inspection program of Wondai and Goomeri townships where aedes aegypti - dengue mosquito - was detected earlier in the year.”

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