Pianist, conductor and composer Stephan Cassomenos plays the new Kawai grand piano.
Pianist, conductor and composer Stephan Cassomenos plays the new Kawai grand piano. David Crossley

Theatre grand given workout

VIRTUOSO pianist Stephan Cassomenos visited Gympie on the weekend to "christen" the Heritage Theatre's new grand piano.

He might well have been performing at a prestigious concert in London, such was the musical pedigree of his audience and the exquisite acoustics inside the Heritage Theatre.

Mr Cassomenos was invited to Gympie for the unveiling of the theatre's latest acquisition, a new Kawai grand piano.

From the moment he took the stage, the much sought-after pianist, conductor and composer had his audience enthralled.

And for his part, he had nothing but praise for the cultured crowd and the venue, even promising that he would return to perform in the near future.

Both Mr Cassomenos and his manager had words of praise for the theatre's high quality and said they were thrilled by the response, not having anticipated so great an audience.

Much to the delight of councillors and staff of Gympie Regional Council, Mr Cassomenos said the Heritage Theatre had the perfect acoustics for the Kawai grand piano, so much so that he planned to return and play it again.

Everyone in the audience, from trained classical musicians to the "musically-ignorant" thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

From the moment the artist stepped onto the stage he was "in the zone". You could have heard a pin drop in the audience, such was the attention he received.

The new grand piano replaces another Kawai that has been used in the Heritage Theatre for 30 years.

It was bought by Gympie Regional Council at a discount, for $70,000. A $20,000 donation from the Queensland Eisteddfod Association went towards the cost.

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