The wave makes a T20 comeback

WHAT I hate this week is when sporting officials bring in rules that ruin the atmosphere of major sporting events.

The thing that comes to mind this week is the banning of the Mexican wave by Australian cricket in 2007.

Apparently the cricket officials thought fans would get hurt by falling missiles thrown in the air as the Mexican wave approached and departed.

They even put plain-clothed police in the grandstands at the MCG to eject people who dared to start a Mexican wave.

What a joke.

Thankfully someone has changed the rule for the new state-based T20 big bash competition.

I was lucky enough to go and watch the Brisbane Heat and Melbourne Stars game at the Gabba before Christmas.

I went with the boys, mainly to see Liz Hurley and my idol Warnie.

I have a love-hate relationship with Liz and Warnie.

I love the fact Liz is going out with an Aussie and hate the fact it's not me.

It was a great night out, Warnie was on fire with the ball, showing he is still Australia's best spinner, and Liz, she was pretty hot too.

But to my surprise, the best part of the night was the big bash organisers had brought back the Mexican wave.

In between crosses of Liz in the box watching Warnie (where the crowd cheered madly), the Mexican wave rolled around and around the arena.

It was fantastic - I loved it and my boys loved it.

We did have a bit of beer splashed down the backs of our shirts as the blokes behind us jumped in the air, but it was worth it. The wave made the night so much more fun, everyone had a smile on their face.

I hope they keep the wave going especially in Tests.

Let's face it, some cricket can be dull and boring, but the Mexican wave gives the crowd an outlet to expend their energy and liven up proceedings. I say long live the Mexican wave.

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