Things are looking up
Things are looking up

The power of collaboration

This week, Rosy Lawson-Lamont and I will once again share an unconventional stage as we present Pan-Obscene at the 2019 Sculpture on the Edge . In 2018 Lawson-Lamont who has Cerebral Palsy approached me to ask if we could work together to create a performance. I am a choreographer and dancer currently based on the coast but having lived and worked in Melbourne for 14 years prior Lawson-Lamont actually approached me at the conclusion of a performance I produced with a young man Mitch Runcie who has Fragile X syndrome With my support he created an performed a solo, Presenting Fierce at the USC art gallery, Sunshine Plaza and Horizon Festival.
Lawson-Lamont is a writer and as I later learned distantly related to Henry Lawson. Of course I said yes! to working together and at once gave her the writing prompt "There's something in my shoes...". What Lawson-Lamont responded with was incredibly powerful, she has never walked or worn shoes. This drove the creation of a new performance work, "There's Something in My Shoes" which received RADF support and premiered at The Birds and the Beans (Vandy's Garage, Buderim) for the 2019 Anywhere Festival It was a sold out season where audiences witnessed me dance Lawson-Lamont's text and defy a therapeutic approach to wheelchair dancing. Reviews of this work confirmed to us that we are a powerful duo and so we have continued to work together and are most excited to present Pan-Obscene following which we have been invited to re-present "There's Something in my Shoes" at Arts Ablaze on the Gold Coast in October Already we have noticed how our work together is strengthening us and particularly for Lawson-Lamont, giving value to artistic work. This interview gives insight into Lawson Lamont's experience so far
We already have plans for a new full length outdoor performance in 2020 - LOVE which will delve deeper into Lawson-Lamont's story including a time where she was almost forced to live in a nursing home at just thirty years of age.
Pan-Oscene will be embodied:
Sat 21st Sep: 12-1pm
Wed 25th Sep: 10-11 and 4-5pm
Sun 29th Sep: 12-1pm
Mon 30th Sep: 10-11am
Mon 7th Oct: 10-11am
Wed 9th Oct: 12-1pm
Sun 13th Oct: 1-2pm

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