Black-outs cost Devils dearly

I HATE to say it but the lighting problem at Jack Stokes Oval is turning into a major debacle.

The lights have now gone out three times at Jack Stokes Oval while the Devils were playing a match.

If it wasn't so serious the whole lighting episode would be rather funny.

It's like one of those all black postcards that say Gympie by night, or now Jack Stokes oval by night.

On Saturday night, the Devils were in the lead over Kawana and looked liked certainties to win until the power failed.

When play resumed about 45 minutes later the Devils had lost all momentum and Kawana, fuelled by anger, won the match.

But the problem is the whole drama could cost the Devils a home semi-final and a chance of defending their first Sunshine Coast/Gympie rugby league final.

Two games this year have seen the Devils end up on the wrong side of the scoreboard because of lights.

That's four competition points.

If the Devils had secured those four points, which they looked likely to do until the lights failed, they would be sitting pretty on top of the table on 22 points. The thing I hate the most is the embarrassment it is bringing to the Gympie officials.

The Devils committee is one of the most, if not the most, well organised sporting committees in Gympie and have been doing a massive job promoting their game to the public. Energex needs to fix the problem and quickly.

But if I was a Devils official I wouldn't be gambling on another night game at Jack Stokes until there is a 100% iron-clad guarantee the problem was rectified, because they can't afford for it to happen again.


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