The good drop

ON hot and windy days it's tempting to get out there and give the garden a bit of a drink, but you could be doing more harm than good.

There's more to watering a garden than the simply "point and shoot" method.

While it can be relaxing to hold a hose in one hand and a glass of red in the other, it's often not the best way to take care of your garden's watering needs.

First thing's first - and you've heard this before - if you prepare the soil, plant for your climate and mulch, mulch, mulch. Doing this can decrease your garden's water needs.

These few tips should get you through the rest of summer:

  •  Don't be tempted to give plants a small 'top up'. The water will not penetrate the soil properly which means shallow roots will be the only result.
  •  Don't water the foliage, wet leaves are prone to disease. If you can't avoid wetting the leaves then water early in the morning.
  •  Don't water during windy days. Water will blow away and not be directed to its target.
  •  Don't even bother water in the heat of the day. You will lose the majority of it through evaporation.
  •  Remove weeds - these greedy little plants will fight your prize blooms for any available moisture.

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