The eyes have it in new contact lens craze

CHANGING your eye colour as you change your clothes is becoming more popular.

Graham Gooley Optometrist Lismore have been inundated after stocking Crazy Lens, a range of contact lenses in various colours and patterns for when you get bored with your own eye colour.

Optical dispenser at their Lismore store Emelia Doolan, said they have had many people coming in to the store to ask about the lenses as the trend soars in popularity.

"Everyone comes in and asks about them," she said.

"They've just all of a sudden become a big thing.

"We have a display in our window and about 80% of the people who walk past stop and look," she said.

Options include doll-like blue colour lenses, UV illuminated fluoro lenses, or themed pairs that range from the Batman sign to werewolf or vampire peepers.

Ms Doolan said many buy the contacts for special occasions such as formals, weddings, parties or Halloween.

"One lady got some just because she wanted to look freaky."

Ms Doolan said some people were worried about putting them in, "but it's easier than it seems," she said.

While they were safe and easy to use, if you did not already have a script for contact lenses, you needed to have a consultation to learn about contacts and how they are dealt with, Ms Doolan said.

The special contact lenses could be made so they do aid vision, doing the same job as regular contacts, or people could buy them for purely cosmetic purposes.

A three month set costs around $50.

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