Telstra down for hours

TELSTRA mobile phone customers in the Gympie region were without a service for several hours yesterday.

The problem occurred about 5.30am and the Next G network was out of commission for most of the morning with some customers not having mobile service until well into the afternoon.

A Telstra spokesman said there were issues with some of its radio network controllers which were affecting services across most of Queensland, with services in Brisbane, Townsville and the Sunshine Coast being non-existent.

Despite assurances from Telstra that the network would be repaired quickly, it took about eight hours for services to be restored in the Gympie area.

A number of business reported problems as a result of the mobile network being out of commission while others were able to access the G2 network and establish some mobile services, though this was also limited. Mobile phone users were seen in a number of areas dialling madly into phones that were not giving any connection.

The Next G network, described by a Telstra spokesman as “one of the best systems in the world” went down without any warning with most customers being unaware of the problem until they went to use their phones.

Late yesterday Telstra was still working to restore services across remote areas of Queensland. A spokesman said it was not known when full services would be restored.

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