Teen molested in shower: police

THE trial has begun for a man accused of indecently touching a 14-year-old girl while she was showering in her Clifton home.

A jury of eight men and four women will decide the fate of the Clifton man, who appeared in Warwick District Court yesterday.

The jury watched a recorded interview with the victim, who claimed the man entered her home and came into the bathroom.

"I was having a shower and he was at the door asking, 'can I come in?' and I said 'no' more than once," she told the police officer.

"He started touching my back, and I had my face covered.

"I said 'go away please, I don't want you here'."

The teenager said the man then dealt with her body inappropriately.

Crown prosecutor Sam Bain described the alleged offence as a "plan that backfired quite spectacularly".

"This plan happened behind closed doors," he told the jury.

"It was meant to happen when the mother wasn't home."

The jury was also shown a police interview with the accused man, who said he had "nothing to hide" and scoffed when he heard the complaint.

"I'm flabbergasted," he told the interviewing police officer.

"She's young... you can see it in her eyes and face.. she's still a baby so to speak."

He denied going into the girl's home, saying he went past there on a walk because he was "trying to lose weight".

The court heard from the alleged victim's mother, who appeared in court.

She said her daughter contacted her after the alleged offence.

"Her eyes were like saucers... they were just huge," she said.

"She'd been crying and everything and just wasn't here."

The trial is expected to conclude today.

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