Teen learns stealing doesn't pay

A TEENAGER learned the hard way that shoplifting wasn’t worth the trouble, when he faced Gympie Magistrates Court for the first time.

Jamie Thomas Blake, 17, was charged with unauthorised dealing of shop goods after a loss prevention officer caught him with an item he hadn’t paid for.

The court heard Blake had tried to steal a set of headphones worth $16, from BigW on August 5.

“Now you know how much shoplifting gets you into trouble – it’s not worth it,” Magistrate Maxine Baldwin told Blake, and placed him on a bond to be of good behaviour for three months.

In another matter, habitual shoplifting offender Cody Lee Broad pleaded guilty to a charge of unauthorised dealing of shop goods, but the matter was adjourned so he could get a lawyer.

The reason being, was Broad had been sentenced to a 12-month intensive corrections order just one month before he committed the offence on Friday, September 10, and it appeared he would be facing a long term in jail serving the remaining months.

Broad stole a $50 T-shirt from a Mary Street store on Friday, which breached probation as well as the ICO. Community Corrections probation officer Patrice White told the court this offence was Broad’s fifth breach of the probation since March. The matter was adjourned to September 27 for a long plea.

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