Teens caught butchering deer

A STATE Forestry ranger who heard gunshots on the evening of June 14 followed the direction of the sound and came across two young men butchering a deer on the side of the road.

The ranger, who was staying at the Gallangowan Barracks at the time, found the pair near a vehicle parked off Kilcoy-Murgon Road. He contacted police and one of the men, Roscoe Lee Burgess, 19, was charged with trespassing.

He pleaded guilty in writing yesterday to Gympie Magistrates Court and was fined $700 for trespassing on state forestry property for the purpose of taking wildlife.

The court heard that Forestry Plantations Queensland and Queensland Police had formed a partnership to police trespassing offences on Crown Land and officers from the Stock Squad were contacted to deal with the matter.

Detectives travelled to Wamuran to interview Burgess who said he and a mate had entered the State Forest to shoot a deer for meat and found a red deer stag while driving along one of the tracks.

He said he shot the deer even though he knew it was an offence to be on forestry land but explained that he had only gone into the forestry because all the deer had gone from freehold land.

The court heard that the offence attracted a maximum fine of $16,500 under the Nature Conservation Act and Magistrate Maxine Baldwin looked at comparatives to decide a fair penalty. Burgess, of Richter Road, Gregors Creek, was fined $700. His mate was not charged because Burgess was the licensed gun holder and the owner of the vehicle.

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