Teacher on trial for assault on student

THE trial of a Gympie region teacher accused of punching a Year 8 student in the arm continues in Gympie District Court today.

Yesterday the court heard evidence from students who recalled the November 2011 incident when the female teacher allegedly punched a male student in the arm after she was hit in the head with a volleyball.

The court heard the incident occurred during a German class, during which some students from the class, including the complainant, and the teacher went to the school's volleyball courts.

The class had been using the court to demonstrate a German education game designed by a pupil.

The game included throwing volleyballs at German words stuck to a wall at the school.

The court heard that much of the class, including the student at the centre of the incident, who had allegedly refused to set up an assignment in class earlier, lost interest in the game and began playing with the volleyballs.

It heard he had then spiked the ball, in what one witness called a "dodgy serve", which hit the teacher in the head.

After the teacher was hit, she allegedly approached the student, punched him in the back of the left arm, grabbed him by the collar and walked him to the office.

Student witnesses said the student did not hit the teacher with the ball on purpose.

The court also heard witnesses had seen the teacher in the sick bay, crying and holding an icepack, and that bruising was present on the student's arm after the incident.

The court heard an ambulance had later attended the school.

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