Taxi call centre back in town

GYMPIE'S fleet of 11 taxis should run on time more often and be more efficient with the introduction of a new Gympie-based call centre.

Golden City Cabs managing director Jackie Fallon said shareholders in the business decided to revert back to a Gympie call centre after 10 years with an out-of-town call centre.

Mrs Fallon said the move was all about improving customer service to Gympie residents.

She said the business found that using an outsourced call centre had hampered their ability to give great service to the people of Gympie.

"Our calls have dropped over the 10 years," Mrs Fallon said.

"We found a lot of times the calls were made but the taxi never arrived and we couldn't do anything about it.

"A lot of times taxis were waiting on the rank but the customer said they had been waiting half an hour."

"People couldn't rely on us," she said.

Mrs Fallon said the new call centre would allow the business to take back control.

It will run from 8am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 8am Friday to 4am Saturday and from 5pm Saturday to 4am Sunday.

At the moment the company has set up the call centre to cover the busy periods of the week and will revert back to a new outsourced call centre during the off peak times.

"Eventually will be back to 24 hours once we build the service up again," Mrs Fallon said.

The new call centre will cost the business more money, but Mrs Fallon said it was worth it to be able to give personalised service again.

"It has been a big move for us," Mrs Fallon said.

The call centre has installed the new Smart Move taxi dispatch system and she said it would take the staff a little time to get up to speed.

"We also have new computers in cabs so everyone has had to learn everything from scratch.

"There are still a few bugs to iron out of the system, but we are on our way to giving the people of Gympie a great service and make changes to help our customers."

The number of calls for taxis in Gympie has decreased over time causing Queensland Transport, which controls the number of taxi's in town, to take four licenses out of the area adding to waiting times on busy nights.

"Now we want to build up our calls and get more taxis back in town," Mrs Fallon said.

"The business has to build up slowly, we hope to build it back up in the future and get people to rely on taxi service again."

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