Our Say: Taskforce is good news for workers

Our Say: BACKPACKERS being taken advantage of in our region is unfortunately not a new story. We have sadly reported on it time and time again.

As workers come and go, they often don't know who to turn to when they have been wronged and that means many can have to leave without being able to follow up complaints - or complain at all.

Today's news of a multi-agency taskforce that will target dodgy labour hire companies is long overdue.

While the specific details of the taskforce, made up of the Immigration Department, Fair Work and Australian Federal Police, is yet to be released, it is positive the government aren't looking at creating more legislation, but trying to give power to enforce what is already in place.

It is welcome news that the Federal Government is finally doing more to give holiday workers not only the ability to complain, but someone who can actually take action.

In a community that relies so heavily of the manpower of backpackers, we need to do something to turn around the bad name Bundaberg has received from the way we treat our visitors.

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