The top 10 hardmen of Sunshine Coast Football premier men's.
The top 10 hardmen of Sunshine Coast Football premier men's.

Sunshine Coast football’s top 10 hardest men

Defenders don't always get the same glory as their goalscoring counterparts.

But the best of them are unafraid to take a yellow card for the team or leave a stud in your ankle and you wouldn't dare dribbling past them.

The Sunshine Coast Daily has invited a selection of coaches, captains and strikers to have their say on the top 10 hardest defenders in the league.

Our list includes a Yorkshireman, a Norwegian and a centre back pairing to avoid at all costs, so here it goes:

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Josh Forshey, Caloundra

Caloundra's Josh Forshey.
Caloundra's Josh Forshey.

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"Very tough, hard to tackle and lets you know about it too. He is fun to play against but you are sore the next day," Beegees marksman Cameron Nairn said.

"Anyone from Caloundra. I've had a broken nose and a broken wrist playing against them," Woombye striker Luke Alderson said.

"Experienced, no fuss defender who reads the game well and is a physical force," Beegees coach Dan Carew said.

Ray Schultz, Caloundra

"I've come off worse for wear against him a few times. He is solid, strong and quick," Alderson said.

"Not many would say he stands out over Forshey, but I'd edge towards Ray.

"They make a really good combo."

Wayne Short, Beegees

"He is a no nonsense centre back who will put his feet, head, legs and body anywhere to stop you from scoring. Probably being from Yorkshire has a big part to play in that," NYU's Korey Nix said.

Nick Arden, Maroochydore

Maroochydore’s Nick Arden.
Maroochydore’s Nick Arden.

"Am I allowed to say myself?" Arden laughed.

"The slower I get the dirtier I seem to get."

"You know you're in a game against Nick. He can be intimidating, always yelling. He is loud, screaming instructions. You know he won't be far behind you on the ball too," Cameron Nairn said.

"Nick would be one for me," Noosa's Kevin Ahern Evans said.

Joachim Klein, Gympie

"Joachim for us. He doesn't kick you but just reads the game well. He's big, Norwegian and is helping out the next generation come through," Gympie coach Kyle Nix said.

"Anyone from Gympie can be pretty grubby at times," Alderson said.

Dominic Muche-Williams, NYU

NYU's Dominic Muche-Williams
NYU's Dominic Muche-Williams

"He has the experience of someone double his age, with unrivalled athleticism, the ability to read a game and movements like no other and aggression to prevent opponents getting the better of him. He is the best one-on-one defender in the league in my opinion," Korey Nix said.

"He's a good shout. He's only a young lad but very difficult to play against," Kyle Nix said.

Mark Polley, Woombye

"He's been doing it for years, a real solid defender," Nick Arden said.

"He's going to be my best man at my wedding and I nutmeg him in training all the time, but he is a tough player," Alderson laughed.

"Yep, Mark would be another," Noosa's Kevin Ahern Evans said.

Blake Huston, Noosa

"He's just clever, good football IQ and just knows where you want to go. Very tough in the tackle too," Cameron Nairn said.

Bailey Salisbury, NYU

"He's an athletic specimen with a competitive edge that won't back down from any challenge. The two combinations make him a difficult opponent to come out on top of," Korey Nix said.

Mitch Bridge, Noosa

"He's been their CB for at least two titles and is up there with the best in the league. He is a bit different, does his damage on the ball," Cameron Nairn said.

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