Summers will chop, aged 93

WORLD champion tree feller Vic Summers will line up to chop again at the Gympie Show today.

Summers, 93, said he might retire back in 2009 but it really depended on how well he performed.

After winning the sawing with Max Krogh last year he decided to once again prove he must be one of the toughest old blokes around.

Today he will compete in the veteran underhand and then have another crack at the sawing.

The humble woodchopper said they was some "real soft" wood this year and was willing to try for another win at the show.

Summers told the Gympie Times back in 2009 he had been chopping wood since he was four years old, this year that adds up to 90 years.

Back then he admitted he loved the sport.

He said he had won about 14 championships at Gympie and does not remember being beaten much.

Summers won the world tree-felling champion eight times during his three quarters of a century of competitive wood chopping.

His first title was won in 1940; Summers thinks his good form over all the years is due to taking cod liver oil.

He's been on the stuff for about 50 years, does not smoke and isn't a big drinker.

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