The Pies could do with Jaidyn Stephenson in the side.
The Pies could do with Jaidyn Stephenson in the side.

‘Stupidity’: Legend slams banned Collingwood star

JAIDYN Stephenson's decision to post holiday snaps on his personal Instagram page has come under fire.

Stephenson is in the middle of serving a suspension from the AFL after being caught betting on Collingwood games.

He was handed a whopping 22-game suspension along with a $20,000 fine. Twelve games were suspended, meaning he'll be eligible to return to the Collingwood team in time for the finals.

He also isn't allowed to play VFL, but can continue to train with his teammates at the Holden Centre.

But as Collingwood's season falterd, with the Pies winning only once over the past month, Stephenson stepped away from the club for a holiday.

The pictures he posted on his personal Instagram page have come under fire, with AFL legend Wayne Carey questioning why he'd put them up.

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"He's copped his right whack, don't get me wrong," Carey said on Talking Footy.

"He's clearly been punished and he's allowed to go away, but surely he's smart enough not to post things like that, like he's up there having a good time and everything else, which is fine, you're allowed to have a good time. But don't post it.

"Because then what happens from that is that he cops a whack from, I'm assuming, people saying, 'Well, you've let us down.' Just don't post. You don't need to.

"You bring the heat on yourself by doing that. It's just stupidity."

Collingwood sits in fifth place on the AFL ladder with five rounds remaining before the finals.


Melbourne legend Garry Lyon is fed up with his former club and didn't pull any punches when talking about the dismal 2019 campaign on Fox Footy's On the Couch.

In a passionate assessment, Lyon said a positive slant wasn't "going to appease Melbourne supporters".

"I've thought about it long and hard and the only conclusion I can come to is that last year was an aberration … and they're nowhere near as good as what the results would indicate last year," he said.

It has been ugly for the Demons in 2019.
It has been ugly for the Demons in 2019.

"When you look at where they've been and the footy club as a whole, this is an outlier. Fifth on the ladder last year, now they're back where they've been for 12 years, so you have to look at the one year in isolation as an outlier, an aberration. It's not the norm for this footy club.

"We all fell in. All the optimism last year, I fell in, we all fell in, we fell in at the halfway point of (this year) … it hasn't happened. Right now they're 17th on the ladder, they're below Carlton, they beat Gold Coast by a point and Carlton by five points - it (2018 season) was an aberration. They're not good."

The 17th-placed Demons take on the 15th-placed St Kilda on the weekend, a game Lyon says is a must-win.

"Let's put it on them. If we continue to try and sell positive message saying they've got to finish in a manner of optimism to next year and prove that last year wasn't an aberration, then they beat St Kilda on Saturday night," he said.

"And (Max) Gawn, who's fantastic and still continues to miss goals from 20m out and can barely get the ball on the end of his boot - all of those things have got to be put to bed and go and complete the fundamentals of football."

It’s been all down in Melbourne land.
It’s been all down in Melbourne land.

Brownlow medallist and former Demons midfielder Gerard Healy said he was concerned the club wouldn't be able to turn its fortunes around in 2020.

"The fear for me is that there is this belief at Melbourne that it's all of a sudden just going to magically all change next season and it's just going to all happen," Healy told On The Couch.

"If they don't learn from what has happened this year then all of a sudden we're going to be here next year in exactly the same position.

"If the Demons aren't in the top eight next year, there's going to be some serious pressure on Simon Goodwin and the people on the board and the people running the club. This has been a disastrous 12 months."

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