Bad day for Gympie man trying to get home on Good Friday

STRANDED: The Cooran shelter where Mr Granger was waiting when he was missed by the Translink bus.
STRANDED: The Cooran shelter where Mr Granger was waiting when he was missed by the Translink bus. Contributed

GOOD Friday became anything but "good" for Gympie man Shane Granger when disruptions to Queensland Rail services over Easter left him stranded in Cooran.

Mr Granger was attempting to catch a train from Cooran back to Gympie North after visiting his sister on the afternoon of the public holiday.

After arriving at the station 15-minutes early he discovered the train services had been cancelled and a rail bus alternative put in place.

"At approximately 3pm I called Translink to ascertain where the bus was but they were unable to provide any information other than a bus would arrive at Cooran and that it would stop to pick me up (with a potential 60-minute delay)," Mr Granger said yesterday.

"At approximately 3.35pm I noticed a Kangaroo Bus Lines bus had stopped in front of the railway crossing in Cooran heading north.

"I walked out of the rail bus shelter to wave the bus down but the bus continued on through Cooran heading toward Traveston even though I was waving my hands above my head. At no stage did the bus driver ascertain if anyone was sitting in the bus shed behind the rail bus line notice board, nor did they drive into the rail bus line carpark."

Mr Granger then rang Translink to tell them the bus had not picked him up.

"In response to my pleas for a message to go to the bus to return to pick me up Translink advised me that they had no way to contact the bus and that the only action they could take on my behalf was to put in a complaint which would be responded to in 24 hours and that I should look to either a taxi service or find my own transport.

"Although I requested it several times Translink refused to put me through to a superior, stating that none were available and would not put me through to Queensland Rail, stating the Translink system could not put calls through to QRail.

"In the end (Translink) did provide me with a number for Queensland Rail but did not advise me that the call centre was unavailable."

About half an hour later, another Kangaroo Bus Lines bus arrived. Mr Granger approached the bus and asked if it was the one that had left him "stranded" earlier. It was not. It was headed south.

"The driver stated that he was not that bus and was upset at the allegation."

The next bus heading north was not due for another three to four hours.

Mr Granger was eventually able to get a lift with a friend, and is still waiting for a response to his complaint.

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