Peter Todd says the Tin Can Bay business community does support dolphin feeding at Norman Pt.
Peter Todd says the Tin Can Bay business community does support dolphin feeding at Norman Pt. Contributed

Stoush over dolphin feeding issue

TIN Can Bay businessman Peter Todd has hit back at claims that Bay businesses aren't supportive of dolphin feeding at Norman Point.

The claims were made by dolphin advocate Joe McLeod in The Gympie Times last Tuesday as one of the reasons why viewing fees needed to be introduced at the dolphin feeding site.

Mr Todd said the comments were "over the top".

"Joe's assertion that local businesses haven't been supportive of dolphin feeding is plainly inaccurate," Mr Todd said.

He said Les Dunstan, the owner of Barnacles Cafe, who pays for the lease at the dolphin feeding site, had his "free resource" listed on every private, community and group website in the region.

"He is the only business mentioned by name on the Chamber of Commerce's Tourist Radio, on the highway, and his resource is featured on the chamber's new television advertisement for Tin Can Bay," Mr Todd said.

"This publicity brings into Barnacles 1000-1500 people a week.

"Then (Mr McLeod) has the cheek to blame other businesses when they question the honesty, no necessity, of charging $5 for a look and another $5 to feed."

Mr Todd also denied the proposed marina at Norman Pt would stop the dolphin interaction at Tin Can Bay.

He said Seymour's marina plan clearly showed an improvement to the dolphin viewing area.

"There is new short-term parking for visitors that separates them from boat trailer parking, a new Dolphin Centre, which replaces the current structure that is well past its use by date," Mr Todd said.

"In the last 20 plus years the dolphins have proved to be very adaptable."

Mr Todd said they had moved from what is now Barnacles to the Yacht Club and back.

He said they had also dealt with the construction of the Coast Guard pontoons and the mooring finger and swam and played with a rottweiler while coping with the constant coming and going of commercial and recreational fishing boats.

Mr Todd said the boat harbour, where the marina was to be built, had no bio-diversity issues and the dredging will make it a better place for all boats.

"The TCB Yacht Club will be given a brand new club house and an expanded and much needed dry storage area," Mr Todd said.

"After the marina's completion only those visiting the actual area will be aware that it is there, and if you're a strange person and aren't enthralled by marinas and boats simply turn 90-degrees and your view won't have changed."

Gympie Times

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