Dave Tutt put in a huge ping pong effort in Nambour.
Dave Tutt put in a huge ping pong effort in Nambour.

This stinks. Coast could lose Pong crown

THIS stinks folks. Truly stinks.

The Sunshine Coast is in danger of losing its title as the King of Pong.

Seriously folks. It's time to rally. Big time.

Last year, the hinterland town of Nambour led Australia in the 24-hour Ping Pong-a-Thon by raising the most money to fight human sex trafficking.

But despite a phenomenal effort this year, the Victorian suburb of Werribee could take the crown.

Ping pong style in Nambour.
Ping pong style in Nambour.

But not if Nambour's king of pong Tim Craig has his way.

He's calling on Coast residents to dig deep now to ensure Queensland retains the title rather than face having to give it to those smelly southerners.

Ping pong action in Nambour.
Ping pong action in Nambour.

This year, the Nambour event, which was held over 24 hours last weekend, has raised about $25,000 - well up on the almost $17,000 raised last year.

More than 60 people took part in the challenge, including the legendary Dave Tutt who put in about 14 hours around the tables at the Flame Tree Baptist Church.

But Tim says he still has pledges coming in and he's hopeful that the Coast's Pong crown won't slip away.

Tim says people can still donate up until the end of November. You can donate to Tim Craig's tally here or check out the Pong Facebook page here.

Organiser of last year's event Jennie Brown has put in a huge effort again this year, securing about $10,000 in fundraising - the top tally in the nation.

While the event is a lot of fun, Tim is super serious when he speaks of his passion for the cause.

"To see young people and kids abducted and sold into something like this is something that is so evil.

"To be exploited and used for the sexual pleasure and perversion of others is unspeakable.''

Already more than $300,000 has been raised around the country to help numerous organisations, including well known Coast charity, Destiny Rescue, rescue girls and fight human trafficking.

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