Shayne Hine says he’s enjoying the learning process that comes with his new car-racing passion.
Shayne Hine says he’s enjoying the learning process that comes with his new car-racing passion. Renee Pilcher

Shayne's in the fast lane to success

Shayne Hine is new to Gemini racing but has been doing well. Gympie Times goes one on one with the ex-go-kart racer.

Q. What's your focus racing-wise at the moment?

A. The most recent competition I've competed in was round four of the Barry Nixon-Smith Cup. It was at Morgan Park in Warwick two weekends ago.

Q. How did you go?

A. I started second in the first race and finished first. Then I started on poll in the second race and came second. I was taken out on the fourth corner in the third race but managed to come third. I finished first overall.

Q. How long have you been racing Geminis?

A. Only about a year. I still have to keep learning. Before that I didn't even have a licence and I couldn't drive a manual.

Q. What got you into it?

A. I was first racing go-karts, then a guy offered me a drive in a car. I drove in a Golden Holden one hour.

Q. What happened after that first drive?

A. I got out of racing go-karts and my dad Brian and I built a car from scratch at my work at Spraytech. Rod Dawson from Peters' Motor Sport helped to build the engine and helped with all the running gear.

Q. What moved you into cars from go-karts?

A. Racing cars was the next step from go-karts. It's more of a challenge with the gear changes and everything and it's more of a competition.

Q. Will you keep racing go-karts?

A. No, I'm not really interested in going back now. It's more fun for me in cars.

Q. What's next in your racing career?

A. Hopefully I can stay up-front. There's still a fair few rounds to go this season and maybe next season dad might let me race his saloon car, it depends on how I go this year though. There's also Gemini racing at Bathurst around Easter next year - I'm looking forward to that.

Q. So, you think you will you branch out from Gemini racing?

A. First, I'll see how I go in these classes. I want to keep learning new stuff.

Q. What's helping you learn as you go?

A. Rod Dawson helps me a lot with my driving. I don't get to practice much because I work a lot, but we race at least once a month. I've learnt heaps since I've been in it. I've been slowly learning more things.

It's been good to learn how to set up cars, small mechanical things and race lines.

Q. Why have you had so much success in such a short time?

A. I've had a lot of good people helping me. The guys at work help with looking after the car and Rod Dawson keeps it running well.

Q. What keeps you wanting to race cars?

A. It's something I enjoy doing. Racing cars is definitely more up the lines of the things I wanted to do than go-karts.

It's certainly a good buzz and the competition is really tight in my class too which makes it good.

Of course it's always good to be up-front too, it's definitely the thing that keeps you in it.

Q. What do you think when your racing?

A. I focus on keeping my eye on the guy in front and making ground to catch him. As soon as I catch them, I focus on the next guy.

Q. Is there anyone you look up to in the racing industry?

A. Probably Rod Dawson. He's the quickest guy I've ever seen in a car.

He's always helping everyone and he has been in this for a long time.

Player profile

Name: Shayne Hine

Age: 20

Born: Gympie

Favourite food: Mum's lasagne

Favourite TV program: V8 Supercars

Favourite music: 360

What you'd be doing if you weren't racing Geminis: I'd still be in karts

Most memorable moment in sport: A guy was racing and hit a sheep.

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